The liberal media seek to mock us and promote their pro-shrimp agenda by interviewing us on their radio shows. You can hear the audio of these blasphemous attacks on our values here.

Joe Decker

SAN FRANCISCO (DP) -- In a surprise move, mayor Gavin Newsom announced that he would instruct San Francisco city officials not to enforce state laws against eating shrimp.

San Franciscan Bruce Stephens, 87, was escorted by Newsom to Scoma's (news, website), where Stephens ate the first legal shrimp in that city's history, while Newsom and restaurant staff watched and applauded. [photo]

Word that the shellfish ban had been lifted spread quickly throughout the Gourmet sections of town. By evening, thousands of diners were braving the cold and rain to enjoy dinners of shrimp, crab, and lobster. [photo]

Mayor Newsom's action follows a recent decision by the Massachusetts Supreme Court ruling that its ban on shellfish was unconstitutional. This ruling has caused much concern among Christian activists, but most Bostonians have quickly embraced it. One enterprising restaurant is even playing to the controversy by changing its name to Legal Sea Foods (news, website).

California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger declined comment.

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